Bibie BREW et Pat THOMAS rendent hommage à WULOMEI

Bibie BREW et Pat THOMAS rendent hommage à WULOMEI

7th November 2015. Bibie BREW, the GiF who once sold 1 million records in France and stayed up the chats for weeks with her hit song Tous Dousement in the early 80s, attended the private Golden Dinner organised by Ghana Cultural Center and to welcome the Highlife Legand Pat THOMAS back to France.

Pat THOMAS had a successful tour in Europe with his latest album “Pat Thomas And Kwashibu Area Band” . A typical Highlife album which was, still and will continue playing in Europe.

While the dinner went on, Bibie BREW offered to sing Tous Dousement, which she did with class. Pat THOMAS knowing that Bibie Brew had never sang in our local dialect to her French audience,  requested that she sang a song in Ga.

The Ga-Adangme, Gã-Adaŋbɛ, Ga-Dangme, or GaDangme are an ethnic group in Ghana and Togo. The Ga and Adangbe people are grouped respectively as part of the Ga–Dangme ethnolinguistic group. The Ga-Adangmes are one ethnic group that lives primarily live in the Greater Accra, Eastern Region and the Volta Region of Ghana. Others areas are Aného in Togo and Benin. More on Ga-Adangbe people


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