Centre For Free Education

logo asso free educationBAIDEN AMISSAH ANN  President
Centre For Free Education
52B rue Etienne Dolet
94140 Alfortville
Contact : 06 52 63 80 06  / 07 51 47 92 75 EMAIL : centreforfreeeducation@yahoo.com

An association of Ghanaians in the diaspora who have decided to organize and mobilize the necessary support to promote education in Ghana.

Ghana’s educational system is facing various problems, such as schools under trees, children dropping out due to poverty.


There are also pockets of population groups for whom sending a child to school is a difficult choice because of the consequences this has on economic survival.

Some parents face the problematic of choosing between state and private school because they feel private schooling offers the best chance to post- basic education and a brighter future.

Therefore, Centre for free education has decided to help any government in power to construct school buildings, staff accommodations, libraries and any equipment for schooling so that the government will concentrate his effort on other school materials ( books, uniforms etc.). The objective of this association is to achieve in the long- term, a quality and total free education; and also to make school accessible for every single child regardless of his social background. Indeed it will help reduce illiteracy, dropout and juvenile delinquency.

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    Merci Ann for your good heart

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