What G.I.F. stands for

‘ What G.I.F. stands for ’

Ghana in France was birthed as a result of the aspiration Ghanaian residents in France have to contribute to nation-building initiatives in various communities and demonstrate our commitment to France, a nation that is kind in providing opportunities and resources for the socio-economic integration of all journeymen from the motherland.

This website by its character is a connection medium through which we can as journeymen foster greater inter-communal relations to enhance the unity we have in dealing with issues that affect our common interests. It is meant to create a platform for inter-faith & inter-cultural dialogue within the Ghanaian community and also help us remain culturally-connected to the motherland, to friends and family both in France and in the Diaspora.

Through this platform we will be able to celebrate excellence and the creative potentials of our young men & women in their professional fields of endeavor as well as preserving our rich cultural heritage.

Let us explore the opportunities this medium offers and indentify actions that can impact our communities for a better social and cultural cohesion in France.

If you are just browsing through, we hope you will find enough to satisfy you. If you wish to trace old friends, acquaintances or long lost relatives living in France, you can leave a message in our ‘Tracing Friends & family’ rubric and we will locate them for you. Include all vital information that can facilitate our search. We deeply appreciate your visit and look forward to having you as part of our online friends. ‘Trace Friends & family’

We shed light on individuals and families who are making positive contributions in their communities in France. It is our desire to share their experiences in support of our mission; to inspire, promote, and celebrate excellence. If you know of anyone whose accomplishments are inspirational, we would love to share his/her story.

Please submit their names and specify areas of excellence>>click

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  • Gyai Saa
    7 July 2014 at 23 h 18 min

    Mr. Gif or who ever you are… we don t need you and your website to represent us….The Embassy is there… You stand for no one.

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