Election 2016 : Akwaaba Dance Ensemble set for Peace Tour in 7 French cities

In a bid to ensure profound peace in Ghana before, during and after the 2016 general elections, Accra based Akwaaba Dance Ensemble are billed to perform as guests of France based association of Ghanaians living in the European country, GhanaInFrance (GiF) during their peace tour of seven French cities in 27 days beginning October.

Dubbed ‘GiF Call Home for PEACE FRANCE TOUR,’ the initiative seeks to use Ghanaian cultural dances from the ten regions of the West African country to preach to Ghanaians to preserve the peace enjoyed in Ghana by encouraging Ghanaians in the Diaspora especially those in France to call and talk to their family and friends back home to vote in peace and accept whoever emerges winner of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on December 7.

To properly portray the magnificent cultural dances of Ghana, the Akwaaba Dance Ensemble from Accra are scheduled to perform dances such as Agbadza (the famous Ewe rhythm and dance from Volta Region), Damba Takai of Northern Ghana, Kete (Ashanti), Kpanlongo of the Greater Accra Region, Kundum (Western Region) and Otufo Dance of Eastern Region in the French cities of Nantes, Limoges, Toulouse, Lyon , Strasbourg , Saint Denis, and Villiers-le-bel  respectively.

More details coming soon!


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