Call it Paris Ghanafohene and not Ghanainfrance hene

You seem to  be giving us the impression that Paris is to France and France to Paris. Are we using Paris and it’s outskirts, of course, as a yardstick to the total representation of the relative immense Ghanaian population in France.

What about Ghanaians in Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Lille, Nantes and what have you? Do all our brothers and sisters in these communities have the least say in the chieftaincy affair ?. If this question cannot be solved in the territorial level, you better call it Paris Ghanafohene and not Ghanainfrance hene.

The moment I have no say in the day to day administration of such a chieftaincy association, owe no allegiance whatsoever to whosoever, none is bound to consider a chosen individual(not elected) as the Chief without a crown nor subjects. If this is not practicable , why don’t you give it a new name instead of involving all Ghanaians who may not in one way or the other know the existence of this association.

I did not want to be critical of this pseudo association, but I am trying, after several readings about news on this chieftaincy affairs to give my views about what’s transpiring in the affair, I believe there is a deep dissension among the contenders for the “throne” without authority or compensation .

I am saying it loud what I think many think too low. If we want to institutionalize this partnership, we can inspire from similar associations in other countries like the U.S. or the UK. I bet that there is no consistency or even unanimity among all Ghanaians in Paris and its surroundings, please let’s face the reality. Time changes so we must change with it. It is never too late to do good to move forward .



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