Ghanaian Community in France and GDF Show the Example(Donation to Accra Flood and Fire Victims)

The Ghanaian Community in France Council and the Ghana Diaspora Fund have handed their part of the proceeds of the fundraiser for the 3rd June flood and fire disaster victims, to the Ghana Embassy in France.

The National Disaster Management Organisation of Ghana has been charged to identify living victims and families of dead victims. The donations will therefore be distributed through their expertise. The fund will be sent through the Diaspora Office of the Ghana Embassy.

A presentation of 1005 euros was made this 06/07/2015 by Hon. Osei Mensah Michael, GHACIF/FEGHADE President, Nana Serwa Frimpongmaa 1 GDF President, and Mr. Owusu Aduomi. The donation was received by Minister Counsellor Peter Owusu Manu officer in charge of the Diaspora Desk, He thanked the delegation on behalf of the Ghana Embassy and the Victims. The remaining 1000 euros and hopefully more which is coming from the embassy staff will be sent to Nadmo in a separate protocol in the Embassy’s name according to Mr. Owusu Manu.

This donation makes the Ghanaian Community in France and GDF pioneer donors from the Diaspora to the victims.

Big or Small, the example has been shown. We encourage all diasporan groups and their embassies to emulate.


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