Ghanaians in France are low life ….. : Alandu Kwaku Frank

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Ghanaian Community in France. My tears and worried. Nothing is challenging, nothing is tempting, there is no vision and a vacuum of ideas and direction. I can pickpoint some individuels who make the attempt to carry the batton to persue the race but often fail and yes their failure is not because of bad ideas but they are sorrounded with ill minds, weak mind but above all narrow minds. But how do i proof that, the point is, they all think the same.

When a Man break out of that shield, associates with intellect and thinking minds to embark on fruitful venture, such person is classified as “too know” “wabaso papa” “wonbu ade3” “wonp3 nipa” etc. So what do i see, stupidity, low life, poverty and pervert life. But why, the reasons lies in their head quaters and central market, la briche and Chateau Rouge respectively.

There have never been a single saturday of the month that they refuse to organise a funeral. Funerals have become part of them to the extent that, their energy, mind and planning, investments and interesting are spent solely on every saturday. Hence funerals making have become a hottest investments compelling people to export and import funerals. Don’t laugh but it is true, i happened to find myself in one of those funerals grounds, and this conversation ensued:
Man: eish Frank, but why? It’s been long time.
Me: started scratching my head and responded, oh yes, it’s been ages.
Man: i am Happy to see you again, as for this funerals, it was worth coming because the Man is famous in this country and please make sure that every “nsaab)” you pay, your name shall bé registered in the book. (NB: “Nsaab)” token of money or gift, giving at the funerals grounds)
Me: which book
Man: eish, WE have a book that contain list of people who comes to the funeral and pay something, WE keep that book and when yours comes WE shall look through and honour your funeral accordingly.
Me: oh i see.

Dear readers this is what the Ghanaian community in France is all about. I love Ghanains and the Ghana communiqués in France but the truth is, i never feel or compelled to challenge, when i mingle with them. For instance, if you take 10 Ghanains and asked him or her, so why all these suffering, responds: 9 out of the 10, i want to acquire some peace’ of Land and build a house in home country. Eventually they succed in building those houses yet never lives in them and even those who goes to live in them cannot survived because of economic hardship, meaning, they lacked investments.
Ghanaian Pupil and students is one of the most disturbing factor that takes me aback.

I mean, éducation systeme hère in France is composed of accessibility, assesibility and affordability. Meaning, there cannot bé an excuses to deny yourself higher studies yet 6 out of 10 Ghanaian pupil are school drop out. Even those few who managés to the Senior High school, they are often compelled and forced by their parents and community to stop the éducation and get some job to help the family.

I bear witness of a cutest girl whose level of intelligence caught my heart, she was on several occasion undergone through psychological torture. Simply because she has Said to her parents she wants to complete university before she works and get married. The parents considered that as an insult and disrespect to them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i présent to you Ghanains community in France part one…….

FaceBook comments below.

Charles Owiredu   Well said my brother….
Zuobog Nwinbobr   hummm, i was at Chateau Rouge some few months ago and was quite disappointed with some of our brothers and sister I met.
Alandu Kwaku Frank   I guess you made your observations. Yes most of them are documented but deteriorated because of the community système…..
Africanologist Sugru Manwuriba Alhassan I support you for the issue of every Saturday funerals rite’s and the issue of Ghanaian kids not educating to high level in France. But for the investment in Ghana by building a house and not living in, it’s part of our responsibility to do so for Ghana development.

Alandu Kwaku Frank I am not agaist building a house what i am agaist is having a house but leaving to beg. It’s about setting the right priorities. Considering this: how about making the right investment and channeling the plough back profit in buying home or constructing a house. That is to say, it is worth with respect to responsabilités in contribution to the lives of majorité than prioritising on a house that house you and few yet lavishing in poverty. I think WE should learn to set our priorities right. Mans wants are insatiable, our priorities when set right grant us the power to bé indépendance.

Michael Osei Mensah  A bit severe

A bit desperate too. The community is brighter and richer than this. Many good things are happening and many others are coming up. Ghanaian Community in France is a promising community. That one guy who focused on funerals and nsawa books just pointed at a detail which complements many other good things which magnetized unity for other developments.
Alandu Kwaku Frank Honorable……Honorable….. Honorable…. You are one of the community leaders… i shall not respond but i shall remind myself that “if your mother dies and they ask you and you say she is not dead, whom do you think it affects?”
Michael Osei Mensah  Frank come for Ap). All communities have questionable elements but they are just horse backs. They carry the good things. Ghanaian Community in France is not a dead mother. It is a growing community with doctors, lawyers, nurses ,artisans ,real estate investors, beautiful associations, taxi drivers ,grocery shops owners, self employed beauticians, homeland builders and uncountables.
Michael Osei Mensah Also we celebrate in addition to the embassy’s Ghana’s independence day and republic day
Michael Osei Mensah Several individuals and associations build schools and hospitals for Ghana
Michael Osei Mensah We have beautiful churches owning premises here in France and also providing family and brotherhood to many. We have the most dynamic community website in the world which backbones a very beautiful annual miss Ghana
Michael Osei Mensah Our cultural and traditional set up showcased by our chiefs inspite of artificial disputes is one of the most advanced in the world.
Michael Osei Mensah Our homes in Ghana even though we don’t live in them, beautifies and develop our country. We shelter the homeless
Michael Osei Mensah I even forgot to mention our writers like Africanologist Sugru Manwuriba Alhassan Hon Osei Mensah and Elder Nyame. I know a Ghanaian here with over 70 employees
Alandu Kwaku Frank   Dear Honorable Michael Osei Mensah, i can understand your level of defends, i welcome it. I want to set the record straight that ile de france have 8 department, i might not have been old timer in this country as compared to you but what i can confirm is that among the 8 departments i have lived in 4 of them. they include Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne and Val-de-Marne. I might not have been to every ville but my curiosité and interest took me to almost all ville. One thing stood clear, in every ville if 20 Ghanains lives there you might get 1 or 2 Ghanains engaged in the activé sector and more so formal sector. So the rest of the 18 people is often in what i called the non professional areas, the strange thing even among this 18 category are some who are born in this country, so you find them in the magazines, factorisé and etc. The point is if WE have a community constitution about 80percent of Ghanaian and only10 percent is in formal and professional field, i can conclude that there’s something fundamentally wrong some where. Again my argument is based on a community that its éducation is clothed with accessibility, assesibility and affordability yet the results among the Ghanaian community in France is not worth taken home. In summary, even in North Korea there are few capitalistes and liberal there but it would bé wrong to conclude that North Korea is a capitalist state. If i am desperate it is for change.
Michael Osei Mensah You are not desperate. The analysis are

Patrick Kwame Sarpong Dumorine Visit and check GiF Making Difference ….. You got it all wrong. Read yourself again….as from next week GiF TV is bringing out additional over 500 Ghanaians in France who are making it big!

Who are you to talk about our people in Château rouge? What do you know ? Go there and see for yourself the number of stranded Ghanaians from all parts of Europe they save over there! Not to talk about those they feed daily for ages now!

Massa, if you have ideas, bring them lets go!

Alandu Kwaku Frank “Who are you to talk about our people in Chateau rouge” Mr. Patrick, your people are also my people, the difference perhaps would be our positions. The sites you have sent, i am not new to those site because i am a guy always seeking knowledge. Thank u for also coprofitable for the call for change just as other few individuels but the facts are clear that this is one of the unproductive community i have witness.that is not to say some individuels are not making it but WE are talking about statistics hère, i mean the for your position on other stranded Ghanains in other european countries, i shall limit myself in France since i know too familiar with how France system works. If giving the chance, i shall choose éducation seminars over miss France, if giving the chance, i shall choose business workshop over organising Valentine shows. Pls that is not to say those events i have mentionnés are not worth considering but ressource as Economist put it are scarce that is why WE are taught of scale of présence and hence making priorités out of the wants.but i would conclude with 1corinthians 10:23 “WE are Free to do anything but not everything is beneficial” let’s take good choices in championing a string community, à community that inspirés youths to persue higher goals of life, à community that challenge youths to join the global marathon of academic excellence. I want to one day wake up of bread seeing and hearing that most of those sectors of this country, majority of the blacks there are Ghanains. And yes i mean the professional and formal sector…….together WE can.

Patrick Kwame Sarpong Dumorine   Massa stop! You just don’t know this community, thats all! But I must admit you have lots of words.

All your wisdom mentioned above are all going on, you just don’t know or refuse to know. Google Tata Gifty ect….

When did Ghanaians start coming to France. Who are those who first came to this French speaking country? Lots of factors lead to saying a people is doing well or not.

Change where you seek knowledge about our communty.

I will say we are one of the best Ghana Diaspora Communities in the world, taking more factors we have addressed into consideration.

You stand on Pigalle to discribe France! No!

Nyarko Ameyaw Kwame Kantinka  I can pickpoint some individuals who make the attempt to carry the batton to persue the race but often fail and yes their failure is not because of bad ideas but they are surrounded with ill minds, weak mind but above all narrow minds”Frank do you remember the very first time I met you and the advice I gave you? My only concern is about the children who are lucky to be born here and have all the opportunity that they can use to improve their potentials but what do we see?school dropout.but I don’t blame them because charity begins at home.because how as a parents able to empower them to take advantage of the system?the response IS NO.the only thing that you might here a parents saying about his or children achievement is”do you know that my child is working in KFC,leclerc,and other big supermarket. Aba! IS this an achievement?the only people who are doing the best are either s/he was brought from Ghana and some few girls aside that the boys are worst.

It is good to make an investment in Ghana but the question is should it also happened at detriment of our children?how do we envisage our children future?how do we empower our children to take the opportunity and potentials in the French system?if we refuse to consider this but rather focusing in building house in Ghana where you can not stay there more than three months,then I see it as absurd. You are absolutely on the point it’s total reflection of the GHANAIANS community in France. You don’t need any apc all one cannot say you get wrong without providing any concrete facts to dispute your argument.if they have any facts that can prove you wrong, they should bring it out on this platform so that we can debate it scrutinized it.I put this challenge to them to prove you wrong. After all we are all looking for a generation that we can all be proud of.keep the FIRE burning and ignore those who don’t want to face the truth because they might feel guilty or might not serve their interest.

Michael Osei Mensah
Michael Osei Mensah  I will curiously be glad to know the number of Ghanaians born in France who work at KFC permanently
Nyarko Ameyaw Kwame Kantinka Michael Osei Mensah  ,then be curious and take your time to read my post again so that you will understand me very well.
Alandu Kwaku Frank  Dear Nyarko Ameyaw Kwame Kantinka….i must confess, tou have expressed my thoughts. I had in the next article of mine to point out the jobs they often proud themselves in but you have taken the lead hence i promise that my next concernant shall expand your views and establish a case to proof how better they can be, provided they redefine things.
Michael Osei Mensah I will curiously be glad to know the number of Ghanaians born in France who work at KFC permanently

Michael Osei Mensah  KFC, McDonalds etc. are often students jobs. 4 of my children are degree holders. They all once upon a time worked at KFC or McDonalds. Yes I was pride of them and I’m still proud of their current jobs.
Michael Osei Mensah  Every job except cheating, stealing and immoral jobs merit pride. Your job does not necessarily mean your success. Your degree doesn’t necessarily mean your success. We all build the world from different angles and we are equally worthy

Alandu Kwaku Frank  Hon. I am not against a work one does, no, no way. My interesting in that field is basically to help me ascertain the behavioural pathen ot what informs many of such choices. I guess its the best hypothèses to make an infom décision when addressing alternative.

Michael Osei Mensah  Referring to some one as a dropout aches my heart. France had a welder who ended up as Prime Minister. Poland had an electrician who finished as a President.
Michael Osei Mensah  I have a brother who obtained his first degree at 40. Here in France you can always go back to school at any age. I sat in Paris 7 university auditoriums with people above 60.

Michael Osei Mensah  The scope is large so beware of conclusions that can be very wrong.
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