GiF accomplished professional artist dedicates more time sharing back home in Ghana

Bibie album ‘Sereine’…. heart emoticon
Bibie’s 6th album realeased by Universal records France.
Bibie’s musical styles have always reflected her personal journey. Though France is where this discret and talented Ghanaian artist is based and has been her main stay over the last 30yrs.. lateley this accomplished professional artist dedicates more of her time and her love for the Performing Arts to younger African artists as a creative & artistic director and is the founder of the New Morning Arts Café Theatre, a Centre that gives aspiring talent of all genres in Africa a platform to express themselves sharing their gifts openly on stage, while also devoting time to help groom coach, and mentor lovingly anyone needing to take their first steps as performers on the New Morning ‘Coconut center Stage’.


Currently Bibie also spends time navigating between France, Ghana, and Nigeria where she shares her experience as a performing and recording artist participating in successful Television reality prime time song competition Shows helping to enhance west african Artists.

This beautiful soulful album ‘Sereine’ can be purchased through Amazon on the Internet.
All information you may wish to know about concerning the New Morning, can be found by becoming a friend and LIKE… NEW MORNING ARTS CAFE THEATRE & CREATIVE CENTRE on facebook (or joining Jennifer Nm; New Morning’s adminisrator also found on facebook).

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  1. Bibie says France embraces cultures so don't be shy to promote yours.

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