IGYMS launches Ghanaian Cultural week in Strasbourg

The International Ghanaian Youth Movement of Strasbourg (IGYMS) has Launched in a very grand style its maiden Ghanaian cultural week in Strasbourg dubbed “le Ghana au Coeur de l’Alsace” on the 27th of February 2016.

The Event was held at the salle de spectacle de la Robertsau at 18h

More pictures below
More pictures below

30, 14 route de la wantzenau 67100 Strasbourg.

This was to mark the beginning of a two week long programme from 27th February to 12th of March 2016, during which there will be exhibitions of Ghanaian cultural items and series of conferences and debate to create awareness on the diaspora’s contribution to the development of the nation Ghana.

Several leaders from the Ghanaian Community in Strasbourg honoured IGYMS’s invitation.

Mr. Wilfred Jacques AMECHIA, The association’s President gave a welcome address and explained that the purpose of the event was to make Ghana known to the people of Strasbourg and unveil its rich culture.

The well attended event saw performances of the Ivorian student association and choreography by IGYMS members as well.

The programme ended with a refreshment made up of Ghanaian drinks and small chops.


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