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Mama Makola Market / Ahenfie Restaurant @ 50 Paris

Mama was a brave woman to celebrate her birthday on a date chosen by about four members of our community for naming ceremony, fund raising etc. I can not tell if her date was chosen before the others decided on theirs.

While some where wondering if there was going to be enough participants to grace this Golden Jubilee, I had no doubt it was going to be one of the most well organised birthday parties ever covered in our community with  enough people to make it a remarkable one. Watch the video below and make your own judgement.

Members of the Roman Catholic Church of Ghana in Paris lead by Mr. Kumi gave us the opening prayer and followed by  the chairman of the ceremony King Lord who gave his address. It was very short but deep enough to keep us calm till the end.

Present where most of the nananom of our community, leaders of various associations in Paris etc..

Mama and her family own the Makola Market and Ahenfie Restaurant in Paris 18 for more than twenty years. They are one of the first members of our community to do so in France. They are very well known to be the mothers of Ghanaians from Libya, Italy and other neighboring countries who arrive in Paris stranded. They feed them , give them cloths to wear and crown it with a place to sleep on till they find feet. As I write they have more than ten people under their care.

Happy Golden Jubilee Mama! May you live to be more than a hundred in strength!

NKS Dumorine

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