One People

You are not inferior to me

I am not inferior to you

Our differences should distinguish us

And diversify us, but not divide us

Whether we are Akan, Ewe, Ga or Moshi-Dagbani

We are from the same big national family!

Why should we then bicker and rage

Because we did not get to the front page?

Whether in the diaspora or at home

We are one and the same people

Whatever our political affiliation

We are one same nation

It is time to put away our differences

And begin to rebuild the broken fences

It is not just about good governance or power

But to dispel every negative situation,

Our hearts must stand in unity

And work as one people, one nation and one destiny

It is not about a show

Of material goods, knowledge or titles

For all these things will vanish in one day

It’s about a people of honour and integrity

Who will leave a good name for posterity

You and I have the identity of a nation stamped upon us

Therefore let us live our lives in wisdom and in righteousness

For righteousness exalts a nation

But sin is a reproach to any people
You can be proud to be Ghanaian!
By    S.K.
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