Kojo is a Ghanaian living in Paris. He applies for a renewal of his Ghanaian passport. It takes him seven months to get his passport renewed at the Ghana Embassy in Paris. Ama can’t wait for such a long delay. She flies to Accra and within ten days, she is back in France with her passport renewed.

I ( the writer ) applied for a Ghanaian passport for over one year now and up to the time of writing I have still not received the passport. I was not even given a receipt for my application. The 215 euros passport fee was returned to me after six months, when the beneficiary ( Ghana Embassy ) did not cash the application fee. This attitude and incompetence discredit the consular in the eyes of the Ghanaian diaspora living in France and as such is unacceptable.

Let us not forget that Ghanaians living in the diaspora contribute a lot to the Ghanaian economy and society. As the Ghanaian government has rightly stated, they need the Ghanaian diaspora to help in building the society. We need better services for the prosperity of all.

By Ama

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