Vallée Weds Araba


Vallée and Araba exchanged rings on the 19th September 2015 at the Paris 75002 Mairie. Bernard Valée said ”Yes I do” and Araba replicated ”Yes I Do”.

Refreshments followed same day at La Briche near Paris. Bernard is a handsome Frenchman who resembles a lot Patrick Poivre d’Arvor a former ace presenter of TF1. He has gotten married to a popular Ghanaian lady in France namely Araba of the Mfantse Mboa Kuw.

The ceremony was exceptional and it gave a breathe off the numerous funerals that have been celebrated this year at La Briche. There was a lot of dancing, a lot of eating and a lot of moderate drinking.

Kingdom Church leaders Officiated the ceremony. It was under the Chairmanship of Nana I.K. Acheampong. The traditional Council under the leadership of Nana Ansah Sasraku / Ohemaa Ajoakour, the Paramount Chiefs group, Religious leaders and Community leaders were present. It was a lot of fun with the newly weds. congratulates this new couple. We wish them lots of love, laughter, babies and marital happiness.


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