Video report: Jacqueline Kwarteng is Miss Ghana France 2014

Miss Jacqueline Kwarteng a High School Student at Epinay/Seine near Paris, has been elected Miss Ghana France 2014. The 1st Dauphine is Freeda Abroampah a High School student from Sarcelles in the Paris Region. Lindsay Asare also a High School student from Nantes emerged 2nd Dauphine.

Gold Coast Events wish to express sincere thanks to all Ghanaians, Ghanaian Community Chiefs/leaders and friends of Ghana who made it to Espace Venise at Sarcelles in the Paris Region for the 2014 edition of Miss Ghana France.

Equally,special gratitudes go to the sponsors especially 2 ATP-MR.

Bravo to the contendants :Jacqueline, Freeda, Lindsay, Faustina and Stella.
The Ghanaian Community appreciates your courage.You displayed both inner and outer Ghanaian beauty. The jury found it tough to elect.

Larry and Amanda were the M.C.s of the occasion. Their talent was at it’s peak. They were backed by live concerts from Secteur Double and Pheno Ambro.

At operation also were D.J. Click, D.J. Obed and D.J. Blacko.

The jury comprised Nayla Lateef(Miss Ghana 2013),Dr. Yeboah Frimpong, Mr. Besson Bertrand(Sonna France) and Hon. Osei Mensah Michael(Ghacif President)

The story will not be complete without mentioning Miss Lydia Osei Kwasi(President of Gold Coast Events)Patrick Sarpong Dumorine(Founder of With Aline Adu, Darling Frimpong, Kwaku Benson and Sandra all of Gold Coast Events, they made it happen.

ghanainfrance .com covered it for you.

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  1. Jacqueline Kwarteng, GiF's most beautiful till 7th May 2015

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